Say Yes to the Bridegroom: God's eternal love story - written just for you! book

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By Jan Grubbs

Say Yes to the Bridegroom: God’s eternal love story — written just for you!

I’ve got the most encouraging news for you! The most divine love story ever written was penned thousands of years ago and it is all about you. Yes, you.

Wherever you are in life at this very moment — no matter your marital status — I suspect that there has always been a deep longing for an unconditional love you somehow hope exists. It does! The God of the universe has invited you to a wedding and not just any wedding — your ultimate wedding — the wedding of the Lamb to His bride. That invitation is seen throughout the Bible. It is revealed through the analogy of ancient Jewish wedding traditions of the Old Testament, culminating in Revelations of the New Testament revealing Christ as our Bridegroom.

This book reveals the hidden gems in the Bible that illuminate the life Christ has prepared for you as his bride and how they pertain to us today. Who is the matchmaker? What is the role of the father? What are the love gifts from the bridegroom? What are our rights and promises? Be prepared to be surprised and enlightened. Be prepared to be loved.

This compelling true-life narrative will give you a deeper understanding of God’s heart for His people and the glorious future we can look forward to. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. Open the pages and read on as I invite you to say yes to the Bridegroom who has prepared a place just for you!

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